Dream… Reality and Truth!


Author Angelo Tsionas


How much Truth is there in our life? How much essence?

The reality and the situations we experience are the data in an equation, where the result is uncertain and the big unknown variable is us ourselves.

We are an unknown variable, we are defined by data outside us and we experience unexpected results the most of the times.

But something doesn’t fit in all this. We are incapable of finding the connection between the facts and the situations we experience and the way they depend on us. Most of the times we want to change the data of our life. We want to define the circumstances, but all this conquers us. Continue reading “Dream… Reality and Truth!”

The Greatest Luxury is Knowledge!


Author Vasiliki Kriekouki


There are so many beautiful things to live, to enjoy, to taste on Earth. However, there are many everyday factors that overshadow all the sweetness of life you could experience and the view of a beautiful everyday life fades away!

Many people lose the life they could live as they immerse themselves in the pointlessness of the life they feel they cannot have. Desires and unfulfilled dreams are imparted to next generations and it seems like an ineffable devastation is imparted from one century to another.

The essence of life in this world has become a commodity, being sacrificed to the search of luxury itself! Continue reading “The Greatest Luxury is Knowledge!”

What keeps Living away from Prosperity is… Creation!


Author Angelo Tsionas


To be or not to be?

Everybody wants to live, despite the fact that they sometimes beef about their life.

The essential question is “What living means?”

Is breathing enough?

Is eating, drinking water, sleeping, reproducing enough?

Is taking a walk, drinking wine, watching a movie enough?

Is working enough, in order to have money to do more? Continue reading “What keeps Living away from Prosperity is… Creation!”

Always strive for excellence or “gossiping”…?


Author Vasiliki Kriekouki

In ancient times human excellence was a purpose of life in every level of human existence. The ones who managed to touch it, they were the heroes of the particular civilization, whose existence form the perceptiveness, the consciousness and the purpose of existence of the following generations. Besides, the one who forms an era, he is most of the times a hero, who managed to be excellent in what he was assigned to do or in what he chose to carry out.

Human nowadays has faced many difficulties in giving a clear explanation of what human excellence is, because it means something different for each and everyone, depending on what he has inside him to handle, as well as the wrong perception that human has for excellence. Continue reading “Always strive for excellence or “gossiping”…?”

Commit… to Be Free!


Author Angelo Tsionas

We live in a world that –ostensibly- defends every human’s right in liberty, in societies that, in majority, boast about offering a frame of endless freedom about human’s expression, in a worldwide frame of goods, services and coins, that fanatically defends free economy.

We exist in a global system, (each place has its own cover), that boasts about assuring opportunities in progress, development and prosperity for everyone. However, among all these data and information that overwhelm us, trying to convince us about how lucky we are that we have all these at our disposal, for the endless possibilities they assure, we fell more unfree than ever! Continue reading “Commit… to Be Free!”

You… the Ideal one!


Author Angelo Tsionas

What devours every human is the distance between the reality he lives and what he considers as Ideal in life.

But in order to reach living an ideal life, it’s a necessary condition that we invest in an Ideal Self! Because life doesn’t simply happen to us, but it corresponds to us and to what we are!

Many wondered or said with pain and grievance: “Ah… if only I could be… LIKE THIS”. Continue reading “You… the Ideal one!”

Love (Eros), Invincible in battle!!!


Author Angelo Tsionas

“Love (Eros) invincible in battle… -Love (Eros) unconquered in fight…”, the poet says.

A characteristic symptom of love (eros) is that it makes us feel unconquered! Apart from taking away our minds, we also feel highly energetic. We don’t sleep, we are not hungry, we are not tired, we aren’t overawed by everyday difficulties. We excel ourselves, we do special, imaginative things, that are out of the ordinary.

“Aaah… if only it lasted for ever!”, we wish. Continue reading “Love (Eros), Invincible in battle!!!”

Find your Passion and Live Meaningfully!


Author Vasiliki Kriekouki

People nowadays complain that they don’t have time… they don’t have time to enjoy and live, they don’t have time for their families, they don’t have time to take care of themselves. But lack of time isn’t their essential problem…

The problem is that they don’t have a direction… They don’t know where to go to and what to do with their time… And they don’t have a direction because they haven’t managed to recognize and identify what’s given and what to do with it.

Everything has a purpose. Every creator makes his creature for a specific reason, like a ship that was made to drift, a plane that was made to fly, Continue reading “Find your Passion and Live Meaningfully!”

Free Yourself… from Pain!


Author Angelo Tsionas


You don’t remember it, but it knows you well. It was the first one to welcome you to the world. He laid the “celebration” scene of your arrival. “The birth pains are blessing”, every mother says. I wonder if the newborn has the same opinion.

For the most of us, the pain of our arrival to the world doesn’t exist as a memory, but it was there. It was certified by the first cry, by the black –due to the pressure- body, by the trembling as it was cold… No… the climate isn’t temperate here! Continue reading “Free Yourself… from Pain!”

Searching for the only value…!


Author Vasiliki Kriekouki

There are some paths in human’s life that look like the adventures of Odysseus the ingenious. Paths that, depending on the endurance, the insistence and the way you will cross them, they will lead you home… or they will keep you away from it for a long time or even for ever.

If you belong to the people who decided to set out for their truth, their home, before you start, remember to take with you the appropriate equipment so as not to get lost on your way there.

Because many, without understanding it, set out for their home, but they got lost on their way losing their destination too, because they didn’t know what they would meet, they didn’t know how to beat those things that suddenly emerged in order to mislead them. Continue reading “Searching for the only value…!”