You… the Ideal one!


Author Angelo Tsionas

What devours every human is the distance between the reality he lives and what he considers as Ideal in life.

But in order to reach living an ideal life, it’s a necessary condition that we invest in an Ideal Self! Because life doesn’t simply happen to us, but it corresponds to us and to what we are!

Many wondered or said with pain and grievance: “Ah… if only I could be… LIKE THIS”.

This Ideal,… Bright!… Awesome!… and so distant, makes us look tiny, little, inefficient. We are afraid of it… or to be accurate we are afraid of following the route that leads to it. And in a way like that the Compromise comes with everything it carries with it!

Who to blame for this? The Ideal? Each one of us? The distance that separates us? Our beliefs for all mentioned above?

Don’t be afraid of the Ideal.

Don’t feel threatened by it. The distance that separates you is not its fault.

Think without restrictions for once. Play it like a game.

Let’s assume,…

… that there wasn’t any economical problem and you were rich,

… that you could do only what you love,

… that there was safety, peace, prosperity in the world…

… that you could have access to any kind of knowledge you’ d want,

… that the world is angelically made, without ruthless competitions, without immorality, without lies and hypocrisy, without personal interests and exploitation,

… that you would be one of a kind and desirable.

Envisage yourself in such a world, without restrictions, with ideal circumstances.

How do you imagine yourself? Who would you be? What would you do?

How do you imagine your clothing, your manners, your home, your work, your partner, your place in the world and society, your socializing, your behavior?

Now that you have imagined the most impressive version of yourself, FEEL!

Feel how great you are, how beautifully you feel about what you are, about the world you live in and the people who surround you.

So, what you were able to imagine for you as the Ideal, it EXISTS!!! It is inside you, that’s why you imagined the specific one and not something else.

Now wonder… “Why am I not what I ideally imagine?”

All these “becauses” that come to answer this question, write them down. Don’t leave anything out! Whatever that is – the financial crisis, a poor family, lack of knowledge, an ugly environment, the rotten world, ruthless competition, who to trust, the existing evil, the expediency and the immorality, whatever answers your question.

All mentioned above are the excuses you use either because you believe them, or because they taught you to, in order to justify the distance between what you are and what you ideally would like to be.

To be accurate, they are not excuses, because there is no fair Word in all these.

Lies!… that’s what they are.

You lie… so as to cover the lack of strength to fight for what you would really want to be!

You may say that you don’t have the knowledge to be able to chase your dreams. Why don’t you start learning?

Why do you consider that the fault is the lack of money, when you yourself deeply believe that you don’t deserve the amount of money you’d want?

Why do you consider that the fault is the falsehood, the hypocrisy and the immorality of society, when you believe that in order to survive you need to use these things?     Don’t you know that in this way you preserve them?

Why do you consider that you can trust nothing and nobody, when you yourself compete with others and you don’t deserve to be trusted?

Whatever you consider as an obstacle and cause of your misery out of you, it simply doesn’t exist. The obstacles and causes are inside you. Whatever keeps you away from what you can ideally be, it is inside you!

If you had across you someone laughing at you, lying to you and stealing from you, what would you do? Would you bear this up? Would you say it was ok?

The one who is laughing at you, lying to you and stealing from you the life you are dreaming, it’s you yourself!

Don’t lie to yourself anymore! Don’t give you alibis! Start to be fair with you and don’t give yourself to the fear, doubt and apathy you carry.

Be merciless towards your lies, in order to be your Real You!

The only thing you have to do is to believe that what you ideally imagine you are, YOU ARE! It’s your Truth!

Believe it and ACT as the Ideal You!!!




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