The “little” Human with the great accomplishments!


Author Angelo Tsionas


There is Greatness in Human. He is destined for this Greatness. And every human feels it, until he is forced to disclaim and get rid of it.

There is a moment in life when we all feel the boost of the greatness we carry inside us, which makes us dream. Dream and feel that we can turn our dreams into reality. This sense, this feeling is what sometimes makes us believe that we are destined for something big, something important. And this is how it is!…

Except that, as in all good and virtuous things, this great feeling, which comes from that sacred part inside us, was infected and distorted by dishonest egoism.

That one moment when we felt our greatness, was enough for the Ego to interfere and make us believe that we are finally too important to be occupied with the simple, little, few things. And somehow, the “very” we were destined for, ended up being “very little”, because we underestimated the “little”, considering that it’s not our business.

However, all people condemn themselves while being alone in misery and mediocrity, feeling weak and blaming others for that, outside themselves, estimating that maybe they are finally not so important as they once believed, and they renounce the Greatness.

The great and important accomplishments that everyone admires are results of little individual processes.

In order for the Parthenon to be built, some people deigned to take the mattock and dig a mountain, to get the marble out. Some people’s hands bled while carving the marble, they let dust turn into mud on their sweaty body and they didn’t stop doing thousands of small construction works, until the masterpiece named Acropolis was built, in the place of the previous bare cliff.

In order for someone to write the book you read and admired, which is a worldwide best seller, he deigned to back out, stay alone, stain his hands with ink, erase and rewrite, find his inner world through the lines and lose it, fight with doubt.

The exquisite paintings of so many important painters were created by the ones, who deigned to get smudged while preparing the colors they used and washing their brushes, even though they were exhausted by the numerous working hours with their creature.

No one ignored the importance of the little things during the process of every great accomplishment, until it’s done. No one skipped any of these things due to boredom or disdain or because he felt too important to do the chores.

How will you accomplish great things if you don’t learn to do the simple ones?

How do you expect to become a leader, being admirable for your great accomplishments, if you disdain to do little things? What kind of guidance would you give to the ones who would follow you?

If your clothes are scattered on the floor since the last time you got undressed and your personal place is in disorder, how will you put in order and organize something big?

The creature doesn’t make the creator, the truth is exactly the opposite. The creator gives value to the creature, which is an expression of his value. The greatness of the accomplishment depends on the greatness of the creator. And the greatness of the creator, his quality and his value are visible in simple things, which all underestimate.

Greatness needs training and modesty!

In order to express your greatness, you need to have discipline and not to skip to be occupied with every detail of your life. Don’t underestimate something that seems little, because many little things compose a great admirable accomplishment.

Let your greatness be expressed in everything you do. When you wash the dishes, when you iron your clothes, when you walk on the street, when you meet a friend, when you send a fax at work.

Don’t wait for great things to express your greatness. Because, in this case, you are moved by your inner domination and not your essence. And if something dominates you, know that you will never accomplish great things, but you will live as a subservient to expectation, illusion, misery.

Whoever gets to touching the Greatness he carries inside him, he simultaneously recognizes his littleness as well. And, at that moment, this littleness which rules us, makes room for the Greatness of soul and it allows it to be led to its height!


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